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The Goal

SA Designs' Goal through design. Take your time and read the world isn't going anywhere...

The Goal of SA Designs is to provide comfort through design. From color to shape to size, design is able to invoke a feeling in us all. Whether that feeling be good or bad is always the question. For a large number of people they have never experienced great and accommodating design because until now nothing was designed with them in mind


Luxury. What does that mean to you? What do you picture? Does what you picture seem attainable? Attainability is, in my belief, about two major things, 1). Making the best of what you have. 2). Being provided with more. We will for now focus on number one. I could write an entire dissertation on the latter…


For me I picture the ultimate luxury being my overall happiness and sometimes it has to do with the little things. I sit and type this from my kitchen island that I just had to have but got on Facebook secondhand. The island for me was a place to do what I love to do, cook and entertain my close friends and family. A central place for gathering that brings me happiness and allows me to share it with others. Do I one day want to have a whole home? Yes, but what makes me happy in each space will remain the same. I imagine myself with just a longer dinner table for us to actually sit at but for the time being I am just as happy. Wellness = Luxury.


Where and what is Home?

I’ve never owned or bought property but I’ve always felt I could make something from nothing. Sometimes home is my car or wherever my dog is, wherever I’m most comfortable and most proud. Sometimes home was my favorite restaurant. I would go on solo dates and bring my iPad to watch my favorite show while eating my favorite meal. A place of solace when my “home” was not providing the comfort or safety I was looking for. To answer the questions simply home can be many different things but all must have a certain embrace felt by the user.


What is the ecosystem of your projects?

Design should be about bringing people together, this also means being inclusive and paying homage. Design by no means should be about exclusivity. No matter the project; new build, preservation, commercial or private; design must relate to the community it is inhabiting. Good, forward thinking design is based most in integration. It’s easy to design with no intention which is what happens when surrounding communities are ignored. Even if it is just surrounded by nature, integration into the ecosystem is integral in caring for the surrounding community the site is located in. It is indeed much harder to be considerate and selfless, which quality and sustainable design always incorporates.


Unfortunately for us as humans nothing in life comes easy and that includes things that are supposed to bring joy. Relationships, your dream job, cooking, they all take hard work and develop over a certain amount of time. Your design is going to be the same way.  Fortunately for you we’re here to relieve the major stresses and make it for our client just about joy.

Closing Remarks

Ultimately I am an optimist. I hope to one day live in a world more at peace and not so easily divided. Designing spaces that contribute to a better physical and mental state for more than a small group of people. Incorporating practices that can be met and seen globally across design ethos alike.

Questions to Consider

What feelings would  you like your design to invoke?

What will your design say about you?

How will your design integrate the feeling of community?

Does SA Designs align with your personal design goals?

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