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Oluwashesi - "God allowed this to become"

Shesi’s passion for designs comes from her exposure to the arts as a child. My mother was constantly introducing me to new things. New recipes, new fashion trends, new vocabulary. Besides these new introductions she was always watching her mother make updates to their home. “There was never a season that went by where things weren’t evolving and always into something better. I have an appreciation for all forms of art because they are really the things that truly make us happy in life.”

Shesi studied Architecture at The New Jersey Institute of Technology as a way "to be able to use architecture as an umbrella to all other aspects of design".  Combining her knowledge of how spaces and structures are practically formed allows her to make way for the artistic. “For the most part architecture can be a rigid practice, structures have to be able to withstand itself against large spans of space. On the interior you get away with so much more and the personality so subtly expressed on the exterior can become so boldly expressed on the interior.”


Shesi started her eponymous studio in a leap of faith in May of 2021.  

At SA Designs we believe a good designer is the embodiment of their client. We specialize in combining juxtaposing materiality with eclectic forms and fixtures that are able to still evoke a modern and timeless language. Design is a collaborative effort and we like to act as a medium in creating our clients' intended vision . Establishing the story a space tells and the connection to its users and environment is the best way to build the foundations of any design journey.

At SA Designs we are inspired by many design movements such as Mid Century Modern design, the Bauhaus design movement, and today's contemporary designs.

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